Board of Directors

J. Merle Alt, President-Board of Directors

Kathy ClarkVice President-Board of Directors

Lois Luethy, Secretary/Treasurer-Board of Directors

Steve RoyMember-at-Large-Board of Directors

Scott Ethun, Board Member

Edie Felts-Podoll, Board Member

Danielle Pollex-Rabl, Board Member

Gretchen Viney, Board Member

Pattie Carrol, Board Member

Jennifer DicksonPolicy Council Representative

Administrative Offices

Suzanne M. Hoppe, Executive Director

Lynda Claas, Executive Assistant

Chris Kammes, Financial Manager

Brandy FoulkesHuman Resources Manager

Kirk Smith, Transport./Facilities Manager

Debra Fawcett, Office Manager

Heidi Johnson, Center-Based Program Manager

Jordyn Denzer, Home-Based Program Manager 

Esther Pollnow, Education Specialist

Christine Gunn, Health Specialist

Alicia Jurgenson, Disability & Mental Health Specialist

Dawn Rosario, Infant/Toddler Specialist

Mari Jo Rains, Enrollment Specialist

Pam Wentler, Family Engagement Specialist

Emily Zimmerman, Nutrition Specialist

Deana Miller, Secretary/Receptionist

Pam Patchin, Accounting Assistant

Kelly Wade, Payroll Bookkeeper